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Before anything, Welcome! We know you love playing free online slots, that's why you're here! The good news is, we love slots, too. Browse through our selection of the best slot machines, choose a game here and have fun. Without downloading or registering...

Slot machines are the protagonists of today's online casinos and it is easy to know why. They are machines that have a very simple way of operating; they are very showy because of their themes, colors and effects; very funny and dynamic, and with which any casino user can have a good time. We're sure you love them too, that's why you got here!

Well, we have good news in that case. Did you know it's possible to play slots for free? Okay, let's not ring the bells on the fly, because you can imagine that if you play for free, you won't be able to take much money either; but we tell you that, even if you are an experienced user, free slots can interest you, and a lot!

One of the main advantages of Free Slots is that they do not require player registration. Okay, registration is free and usually takes a short time, but who wants to have a thousand accounts opened in a thousand different establishments where they don't plan to go back in? It's a drag! With these free games you can try casinos and slot machines without having to commit to them and without having to remember online casino credentials that you really don't care about.

Another positive aspect of Free slots is that they allow you to try as many new slots as you want, all those that come out on the market! They throw so many interesting slots a month that it's hard to test them all without our wallet shaking. The free game mode allows players to test without commitments and without betting real money. By the way, if you are one of those who are dying to try all the new releases, we inform you that slots go out to the market every day.

In case you are an inexperienced user, these games will allow you to learn how to play. It is true that slot machines do not require a great deal of skill on the part of the player, nor a great deal of strategy; but new slots include more and more functions and mini-games that can become truly chaotic if you have not been familiar with them before. And what better way than to practice without risking your money?
What types of free slot machines exist?

There are as many types of slot machines and combinations between them as you can imagine. The categories of machines can be due to various factors, and here we will explain the types of slots that exist depending on a few categories.


Drums or rollers are the "drawing" tapes that spin to match these symbols. Formerly they were metal bands that revolved inside the machine, but now they are nothing more than animations that serve to give a little more excitement to the online game.

The most traditional slots have about three reels ―never more than five―, while the most modern online slots can have up to ten. Crazy, huh?

The most common drum numbers are three, five, six and seven. You can find out more about the number of drums here.


This category responds to the most technical characteristics of the machine, and allows us to distinguish several subtypes of slots:

  • Classic slot machines: classic machines are those that move you to the physical casinos in Las Vegas ―or to the bar in your neighborhood. They are simpler, have fewer drums and are also less interactive. That is not necessarily negative, as there are many people who feel overwhelmed by other more complex slots. Classic slots offer you everything you need: excitement, chances of winning a prize and ease of use.
  • Video slots: these slots feature more complex animations and feature video screens that feature small cuts, comics, or mini-games.
  • 3D slots: this type of slot machine incorporates 3D technology to make the experience as real as possible. The animations of these slots are simply impressive and resemble more of a modern video game than a bar slot machine.


Paylines― combinations of symbols that win a player's prize-from slot machines are another feature that has evolved over time. The most classic slot machines used to have no more than three or five paylines, while the new releases can have almost a thousand.

However, the most common thing in these times is that slots have a few dozen paylines. That's what you should settle for, because it really gives you a lot of options.

Bonus features

Slot machines have more and more features that start mini-games, bonus rounds, or simply increase the chances of winning users. Some of these functions have existed since slot machines were invented, such as wild cards or free spins, but others, such as mini games, are very new and evolve. Do you want to know more about these functions so convenient for the player? We tell you everything we know!

For starters, the most basic thing is free spins, which are nothing but what their own name indicates and which are usually gifts from the casino or slot machine in question. They allow you to play without having to put your money at risk, although you should know that the earnings from these are quite difficult to withdraw.

Wild symbols or slots wild symbols are also interesting, which when they appear on the drums are changed to the symbol needed to complete a pay line. They can be of several types: classic, sticky-those that stay for several runs―, stacked - appear by chance and can invade a complete roller-or cascade ―that appear one above the other, add lost symbols, generate completely new combinations, etc.

Scatters, on the other hand, appear on slot rollers at any time and result in an immediate victory when their number is greater than two. They do not need to draw a pay line or appear in a certain order.

We cannot forget the multipliers, which, as their name indicates, can multiply the earnings originally assigned to a certain combination. They're a highly valued function, so cross your fingers to make them appear!

The most modern slots also offer the possibility of bonus rounds or mini-games within the game itself. Bonus rounds, on the other hand, are activated with certain symbols and generate additional benefits. Mini games are also run with certain combinations and open new independent screens with games ―the theme of which is usually related to that of the main slots― more or less complex that give users the opportunity to generate extra winnings.

Another very interesting feature of some slot machines is the jackpot or progressive jackpot. I'm sure we don't need to tell you what it is, but, just in case, we tell you it's like a huge piggy bank in which several players ―sometimes even millions― deposit money until one comes along with a lot of luck and takes it all away. There have been slots, like Mega Moolah, that have delivered millions overnight. Jackpots can be made from a single machine, generated in a single casino or, on the contrary, filled in with all the games of the same developer or through a network of multiple casinos. Taking one of these boats is the biggest thing that can happen to you if you play slots.

Support for mobile devices and technology

Today casino users want to be able to play slot machines from their mobile devices, whether smartphones or tablets. The world today revolves very fast and the expectations, however, are quite long. Many slot players like to bet from public transport, waiting rooms or even in the supermarket queue. Aware of this phenomenon, developers and online casinos have had to adapt their platforms to offer their customers what they asked for.

At first, the solution was casino applications. They still exist and some work quite well, but space is a precious asset in this type of device and the fewer unnecessary applications we have, the better. Having to offer high-quality animations and videos, especially in the case of 3D slots, these kinds of programs occupied a lot of space from the phone's memory and some players were reluctant to play from the mobile for this reason. Casinos, which continue to be companies that seek their economic benefit, did not think twice about losing potential customers and changing their methods.

The current trend is for games to be compatible with the mobile device browser. Users only have to open it ―as long as it is updated― and access the casino website. The virtually majority of titles in major casinos are perfectly optimized to work on small screens. In fact, many developers are creating special slots and other exclusive games for mobile devices.

We also tell you that some casinos offer special bonuses and promotions for those users who access their games from their portable devices. Don't miss them, find out and ―please― read the terms and Conditions always so you don't have to regret misunderstandings.
Playing for real money is a good idea?

Yeah, of course playing for real money is a good idea ... when you're ready! When you have found out which slots you like and found a casino that fits your tastes and needs, you can start betting real money. You can actually do it much sooner, from minute one, but we don't advise you.

There are slots establishments that are better than others, this is a fact, and that is why there are so many websites on the Internet that offer reviews, reviews and appraisals of both the casinos, the games themselves or their developers. No one wants to end up in a casino that offers poor conditions, little flexibility in payments and has a poor slot library, right?

Real money slots give you the chance to earn money by enjoying a simple, dynamic and fun game. If you also consider the possibility of taking a jackpot, the adrenaline can be triggered. In any case, we ask you to calm down and give you our best advice: read many reviews on websites like ours, find out, compare, write on specialized forums, trust more expert users than you and, of course, give free slots a chance. They will allow you to test the casino, understand how the game works, and also test as many machines as you want to determine what your tastes are. Are only advantages, don't you think?

How to win online slot machines?

Okay, it looks like you've finally decided to try your luck with the slots for real money, but... of course! You don't want to lose a lot of money and you do want to take a good pinch home, don't you? Well, then let's give you some tips to minimize your losses while maximizing your slot winnings.

First of all, we're going to tell you a secret that will surprise you. Did you know that there are players who have made real money without spending a cent? Incredible but true! How did they do it? Very simple: based on casino bonuses without Deposit. These bonuses, which we have talked about before, are usually free spins for slots. However, read carefully the terms and conditions that apply to this type of bonus, as they are usually quite hard and make it quite difficult to withdraw the winnings without depositing real money.

Until you get confidence it is advisable to make small bets on slots. Smaller bets lead to lower prizes, but also lower risks. Once you feel more comfortable with a machine, you can start betting larger amounts. One advice we give you is never to play at times when your mood is altered: not when you're depressed, not angry, not euphoric. And, of course, never play under the influence of alcohol.

It is recommended that you never bet in casinos that do not offer you as much confidence as possible. We have already told you that not all are equal and today you have at your disposal all the information in the world to know whether an establishment is legitimate or not. If you get upset, it won't be because we didn't warn you!

Game suppliers

Each year new game developers emerge, although there are some well established and reputable players in the online casino industry. For example, Microgaming, NetEnt, WMS, Novomatic or IGT are some examples of companies that have earned a reputation for good practice, quality games and innovation. Playtech, for its part, is the ultimate developer of games inspired by movies, television series or comic book sagas.

Although at first glance suppliers may seem almost the same, the truth is that each one follows a different line. There are some who specialize in more classic slots, while others create very innovative slots. They also vary their themes, the quality of their image and sound effects, the kind of slots they develop ―in video, in 3D, with progressive jackpot, etc. We give you the same advice as before: find out about the different developers, read reviews and find out what the ideal provider for you can be. This way you may not only find a slot machine that fits your tastes, but you may find a developer who has designed several slots that are perfect for you.